We worship God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Our worship is every Sunday at 10.30am
It’s a mix of Bible teaching, prayers, modern songs, well-known hymns and Holy Communion twice a month
It’s easy to follow: the words of worship are modern and printed on one sheet

Holy Communion

We celebrate Holy Communion on the second and fourth Sunday; we believe it is important to come together round the Lord’s Table to share the Sacraments and it is important to obey this command of Jesus. We believe that the presence of God can be found here (and in many other places) and that Jesus is present to heal; we encourage everyone to come ready to receive from God.

Everyone who is a member of another Church who believes in Jesus Christ as Saviour and aims to follow Him as Lord is welcome to receive the Bread and Wine. If that is you – count yourself in!

Children are very welcome at the altar rail to receive a blessing.

Sunday Central

Sunday Central is a worship event for all ages (third Sunday every month) featuring drama, relaxed and lively worship, with a mix of quiet prayer and activities including big craft construction. It’s great to see young and old engaging with God in different ways.

Come and see!

We have a different theme every time

After worship with new songs (guitar or ipod) we enjoy drama and a talk to help us think about God and then we spend about 20 mins on a craft activity when young and old can engage with each other as we laugh, create and chat together.