Children are welcome at all worship

Sunday Central is a worship event for the whole family. It’s on the third Sunday in the month at 10.30am.

Everything is relaxed and informal: there is a theme, drama, a short talk and about 20mins in the service for activities and fun things to do connected to the theme. We always try to have BIG CRAFT CONSTRUCTION!!

Adults and children mix together on all activities.

It’s a time to engage with God – whether through an activity or through quiet contemplation.

We have ‘show and tell’ and an ‘open mic’ spot for anyone, young and old, to come and share what God has been speaking to them about.

Kidz Klub

Kidz Klub is for ages 5-13. It’s on the first Sunday in the month.

This features a mix of games, drinks, Bible story, prayer, song or activity. It is held in the Vicarage opposite church.

Children are dropped off at the vicarage at 10.25am and will then be taken over to church to join their parents at 11.20am for the final song and show and tell etc.

At Holy Communion there are always things for children to do during the sermon if they wish.