Reordering Project

Faith for the Future

The Parochial Church Council is committed to planning for the future of the mission and worship of the Church in Churchstoke.

We are grateful for our church building and for all those in the past who have maintained and re-ordered (updated) it to make it fit for purpose for their generation.

We believe that now is God’s time for us to do the same for the present generation and those in the future.

We are installing a new heating system, toilets, which will be incorporated into a new entrance lobby, a new meeting room, a dais at the front of the nave and a new sound and vision system.

Mike Gammon our builder. October 22nd 2020. Ceiling under construction.


Archaeologist inspects trench arch September 2020


September 2020 We have radiators!


Dais at the front of the nave October 2020


The team


The ceiling joists go up. October 22nd


Following our community consultation in 2017-18 we are developing the back of the church into a space for meetings etc. which could be used by community groups. We believe there is scope for this to complement the Village Hall. We have also made more space at the front and sides of the church to make possible greater variety in worship and the staging of concerts and art exhibitions etc.

Our Community Questionnaire in 2017, which went into 400 homes and produced a very good response, demonstrated very strong support for the project as follows:
I agree there is a need for a warm welcoming church with all facilities – 91%
I agree there is a need for a meeting room with catering and toilet facilities. 78%
I agree there is a need for a worship/conference area with quality sound and vision 76%

We held a Community Meeting in July 2017 which was open to all. After a presentation of the proposed project by Revd Carol people were able to make comments and ask questions.

We now have detailed architect’s plans. See below.

For more information please contact:                Revd Carol Whittock, Mission Priest of Churchstoke 01588 620693

These pictures are the former interior of our church building


These are the drawings and plans for the future



We are delighted to have been awarded the following grants:

The Allchurches Trust     £3,000

The Beatrice Laing Trust           £2,500 (conditional on other funding being obtained)

Garfield Weston  Foundation     £20,000

National Churches Trust Cornerstone Grant £10,000 (towards cost of toilets & kitchen extension)

Powys Welsh Church Act Fund   £3,000 (towards cost of dais and floor repair)