News and Upcoming Events

Palm Sunday 24th March 10.30am Holy Communion

Maundy Thursday 7pm Passover Meal and last Supper

Good Friday 2pm Meditation and Reflection

Sunday 31st March 10.30am
Easter Communion He is Risen!

Let’s meet together on this special day, the day Jesus was raised to new life, and brought the offer of eternal life to you and me
– and all the world!

Kidz Klub is on the first Sunday of every month
For children ages 5-11,
and younger ones if accompanied by a parent
Come and check out the fun!

Renewal Evenings Tuesday 12th and 19th March at 7pm.
Worship led by Lesley and Talks on Revival by Michael

The Alpha Course
We have come to the end of the present Alpha.
Sign up for the next one.
In the Coffee Lounge at the back of church

Welcome to all new residents in Orchard Close and Ridgeway View
We hope you will be very happy in Churchstoke!!

Faith for the Future – Reordering Project
We have finished our Faith for the Future project to make our church building fit for purpose for worship and mission in the 21st century. Checkout the Reordering section for details.

Maria has suggested some Candle Craft ideas.

Decorate a jar that can then be used to put a candle in to put in the window and lit at 7p.m. as a visible symbol of the light of Jesus. Say a prayer of hope as you light the candle.
If you have any permanent markers these can be used to decorate the jar if you do not have proper glass markers. Nail varnish will also work.

If you have none of these you could decorate a piece of paper and stick it on the outside of the jar or cut out a pattern in paper which could then be stuck on the glass. Here are some ideas that may help.

And these lovely creations are from the Swallow family