Extending the Kingdom

Our Vision is to grow the Church and extend the Kingdom into all areas of our lives: our work and play, our family life, our friendships, our hobbies and activities, our involvement in our community.

We want to extend the grace of God and the reality of His Kingdom into Churchstoke and beyond.

We run a Foodbank, visit the elderly and infirm, lead two¬†services of worship in St Nick’s Residential Home every month, support our local school with bazaar and coffee morning, lead services of pretend weddings and baptisms for school and nursery, give Bibles and teaching to our school leavers, lay on a Christmas Tree Festival, offer a Chaplaincy Service to staff and shoppers in the Churchstoke Shopping Centre, run a youth group .. and lots more besides!!

We believe that if we invite Jesus to come in to any area of our lives He will come.. and He will change things .. for the better!

For His is the Kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen!